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icgemlichA joined May 5, 2016 . NE Ohio Twinsburg

I am 70 years old, in reasonably good health — I take no prescription drugs — and am in pretty good shape for the shape that I am in. I generally exercise every day — walking three miles on a measured indoor track in 45 minutes + 15 to 20 minutes of weight training (3 sets of up to 30 reps each of 3 different exercises without resting between sets).
I have had more than a few incidents of brain trauma (2 concussions — high school football + many other undiagnosed incidents starting between the ages of 2-3 years old onward). Most recently I was the victim of 3 auto accidents within a 10 year period — each time I was sitting at a stop light when struck from behind by a mobile phone booth. My latest count: 10+ incidents of head trauma that I can recall.
I am an analyst by nature with a very broad education and vocational experience and history with a proclivity to overachieve (as opposed to being obsessive). I have three Master of Arts degrees and several professional certifications. I was a US Navy Hospital Corpsman (graduated Honor Man of my Hospital Corps School Company) and Operating Room Technician. My current career objective is to stay healthy as long as I live -- maybe another 20+ years.

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