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How do I maintain a level of activity that promotes health during the winter months?

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Hi Louise-

Thanks for the question. If you live in a climate that doesn’t allow for too much outdoor activity because of weather, you might consider taking a movement class either online through video or at your local gym/community center if that’s better for you. There are a variety of cardiovascular, strengthening, and flexibility support videos widely available online and in many large cities. If you live in a remote area,  you can do high-intensity interval exercises at home on many apps using your phone, and many do not require any equipment.

Using the seasons to change up your movement regimen can be beneficial on many levels, similar to how we can benefit by eating different foods as they become available seasonally. In the winter when we experience darker days, consider something that brings you joy through engagement with others or upbeat music, such as Nia, dance, or Zumba.

If you feel more of a slower-moving, more hibernation-self show up, you might incorporate more yoga/stretching, or other flexibility/strength training exercises that allow you to maintain your fitness level, but feel more in sync with what you are motivated to do.

Let us know if you need other ideas, and how it goes for you!





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