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Updated on December 23, 2022 in Ask A Coach
1 on December 23, 2022

Hi, im brain type 8 and im looking for the recommended supplements to decrease anxiety and increase serotonin, im not sure if i have missed another one out to feed my brain. 

I was hoping you’d know a good UK brand, so i have all the supplements needed.

many thanks


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0 on December 23, 2022

I don’t know what brands are unique to the UK, but you can get BrainMD supplements shipped to you in the UK. Dr. Amen recommends the following supplements for Brain Type 8:

  • Brain and Body Power, which includes:

NeuroVite Plus, a comprehensive, power multi-vitamin/mineral complex

Omega-3 Power fish oil

Brain and Memory Power Boost

  • ProBrainBiotics
  • Focus and Energy, Serotonin Mood Support and Everyday Stress Relief
  • Vitamin D if your level is low (make sure to check it in “Know My Numbers”)

Generically, you want a solid multivitamin, omega-3 fish oil, probiotics (multi-strain), vitamin D, and 5-HTP for mood support.


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