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Supplements Brain Type 12

Updated on April 9, 2023 in Ask A Coach
1 on April 9, 2023

Brain type 12 has lots of suggested supplements. It seems like too many to take at once.

Where to start? How to choose?

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0 on April 9, 2023

For most people, I recommend starting with a multivitamin/multimineral and omega-3 as these are so foundational to cellular and systemic health, and most people are getting insufficient amounts from the average diet. For vitamin D, I would ask your primary physician to test your levels at your next check-up as low levels can manifest in mood, sleep, motivation, immune health, and more.

However, if you eat a whole-foods diet rich in nutrients, and you get adequate regular sunlight for vitamin D, but you have significant restlessness or motivation issues, the Serotonin Mood Support or Everyday Stress Relief would become more of a priority and may make that an initial step for you. Does that make sense? 

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