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Omni Diet questions

Updated on January 4, 2021 in Weight Loss
3 on October 4, 2020

I’m just getting started and am making my grocery list for week 1.

Can I substitute BrainMD Neuro Greens when Tana recommends freeze-dried greens (a la Green Vibrance)?

I’d like to reduce the oxalates in the spinache/chard etc added to smoothies (such as the Brain Smart Start Smoothie), anyone boiled their greens before putting them in the smoothie?  Does it change the flavor dramatically (become unpalatable)?

Is Nutzo a reasonable substitution for Coconut Butter?

Are Coaches Oats (Organic) the equivalent of steel cut oats?

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0 on October 5, 2020

Hi there!

-You can substitute BrainMD Neuro Greens for Green Vibrance.

-Nutzo is okay to use as a healthy fat substitute for coconut butter. I often rotate between kinds of fats I put in smoothies: coconut butter, mixed nut/seed butter, avocado, or MCT oil

-Steel cut are great!

I haven’t used boiled greens in my smoothie, but would imagine they would make the flavor a bit stronger just as raw spinach tastes milder (to me) than cooked spinach but maybe someone else has tried it recently to comment.



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1 on January 3, 2021

Can  you recommend snacks before going to bed?  I have dinner around 5pm.  By 9pm, I’m hungry again.  I have been having a greek yogurt.  Any other ideas? 


on January 4, 2021

Sure! How about pear slices with walnuts, apple with almond butter, herbal tea with a handful of pumpkin seeds, avocado toast (whole grain)with sesame seeds sprinkled on top, small cup of oatmeal with pecans and cinnamon, or chia seed pudding? All offer a bit of healthy fat and protein along with minerals to help with relaxation for sleep.

Hope those help!


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