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Nuts and Mold

Updated on October 10, 2023 in Ask A Coach
1 on October 9, 2023

I was listening to Dave Asprey podcast ( bulletproof coffee) and he mentioned to stop eating nuts even organic because they all have mold on them. I buy organic and keep them in the fridge ( walnuts , macadamia and pistachios). what are your thoughts about nuts? do you think we need to stop eating them.

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0 on October 10, 2023

I am never a fan of throwing out a entire whole-foods group, especially nuts which research tells us when a moderate part of a healthy diet, can contribute greatly to satiety, glucose control, weight management, and are a great source of plant protein.

It is true that eating nuts raw and, optimally, sprouted, without rancid oils or too much salt on them, and storing them in the refrigerator are great steps to take. However, I take great issue with those who demonize whole foods and insist on perfection (named orthorexia), as what this does to most people is lead them to give up due to overwhelm and end up eating ‘whatever’. I love nuts, eat them regularly, and do my best to store them properly. Best!

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