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Really not sure where to put this.  I guess I’m just wondering about feedback.

A little background.  I am normally a very good sleeper.  I rarely ever have problems getting to sleep or staying asleep.   And I think that is one reason I don’t often remember dreams.   Occasionally, I will have a nightmare, again not often.

Last night I had a vivid nightmare, which is difficult to describe.  There were actually two other beings and me in the nightmare.   One in particular was sort of a Satanic figure.  I can’t really give you his identity, but I knew he was evil and a threat, I thought of him almost like a vampire.   I was terrified of him and woke up screaming,  It took a few minutes after waking up to fully understand that it was a dream, and to realize where I was and what was going on, and that I was safe.Just

This nightmare was very different from nightmares I have had in the past.   In every nightmare I can recall before this one, I was trying to get away from the threat.   There were times where I ended up fighting the threat but it was always because I was backed into a corner and had no other choice.

In this nightmare, I was pursuing the threat,   Even though I was terrified, I was actively trying to take him on instead of trying to retreat.  He was aware of me and not really afraid of me and I could not get to him but I was definitely trying to attack him.

Just curious about feedback here because it was so different.

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What does your dream mean to you? Objective interpretations of dreams are rarely as accurate as our own, and there are many different theories about dreaming. Some questions to ask yourself to better understand this dream might be: 

1) Is there a ‘threat’ of some kind in your life? Or within yourself? (This can be small or large)
2) How are your resources greater now than in the past? What are you more able to pursue, or consider pursuing, that you would not have before?
3) How does fear manifest within you, or within your life?
4) What supports do you have when you need to access courage?

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0 on May 4, 2017

Thanks for the reply.  And i appreciate the questions.   

I’m not one who beleives that every dream necessarily means something.  But I do think some of them do.    It is interesting that i had this dream while I have been writing on my daily to-do lists at the top of the page in all caps – SLAY  YOUR DRAGONS!.    

I learned many years ago, that one of my biggest challenges is dealing with my fears.  I often let things go forever rather than deal with something unpleasant.  So, I make a conscious effort to face those fears.    I even have a mantra I try to live by – 

Do Something Hard
Do Something Kind
Do Something Fun
Do Something Scary
And Count your Blessings – Every Day.

Lately, and especially as I have tried to use tools like FBL, I have been concentrating on slaying dragons and getting things done.   

So, if I am going to choose how I want to see this dream, I see it as a conquest.   Certainly I am terrified in the dream but I am not letting myself be a victim.  And being afraid doesn’t diminish that, it just means it took even more courage to face it.

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Yes, sometimes it seems dreams feel more random, other times they grab our attention, and the meaning we put on them can help us to work through or brainstorm about something that needs our attention–whether we dream about it or not. Sounds like the dream put a lot of what you’ve been thinking about during waking life. Love your mantra!

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