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geographical communities of like minded brain warriors in the USA?

Updated on January 9, 2023 in Healthy Living
1 on June 16, 2020

I’d like to know if there are geographical communities of like-minded brain warriors anywhere in the country. My husband and I are relocating in 1-2 years and searching out where to go, we long to find other people committed to the brain warrior way of life. 

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I wish I felt like this was the case. I lived in Montana and felt like the lone ranger up there in trying to improve my health not to mention no one knows who Dr. Amen is and few alternative care resources have made it there yet. I am now in San Antonio and this has got to be one the unhealthiest places I have ever been. Dallas had much more going for it in the aspect and may be why Amen Clinic opened there recently. I would certainly welcome additional conversations with you if you are open to that. My new husband has not been on board with my lifestyle and limits and boundaries for my healthy choices. Finally had full eval in Nov and started a plan for which he has noticed changes in me for the better within one month. Guess who is now asking questions about getting his own eval! 

Best of luck in your search for this type of community. Please share if if find somewhere beneficial.

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