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Extreme anxiety due to irrational thoughts

Updated on June 10, 2021 in Anxiety & Depression
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I have lately been feeling a little on edge due to listening to some paranormal/out of this world stories. I typically refrain from watching or listening to anything paranormal, scary, the news, etc because it causes extreme harm to my mental well being. I recently listened to some stories at a campfire and have felt uneasy about the things that were said. My anxiety is extremely higher than usual and I feel in fear of everything and anything at any given moment. Currently taking a few supplements from brainmd that were given to me by my doctor here. My main question is what is the reason that this happens to me and aside from refraining from those things what are some preventative measures and steps I can take to get my brain back to optimal health?

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0 on June 10, 2021

Thanks for your post. It looks like this was posted many times, so I’m responding to the first and the last in hopes you will see this.

The nervous system responds to stimuli for a variety of reasons including our history with safety (or lack thereof), fear, trauma, and connection (or lack thereof). While I don’t know your biological health history, you may have a propensity for overactivity in the basal ganglia, which is involved in our fear experience and the supplements your physician provided may attend to this. Anxiety can also be connected to insufficient levels of magnesium, B6, or other micronutrients that support the nervous system. GABA, a neurotransmitter responsible for calming our nervous system, can be greater synthesized if we are getting enough fermented foods such as sauerkraut, kefir, yogurt, or kimchi. It’s also increased through regular exercise. 

Additional supports for yourself might include any activities that are particularly grounding and calming for you, such as mindfulness meditation, diaphragmatic breathing, humming/chanting, qigong, or being in a natural setting such as by water, in a forest, or in a garden. Surrounding yourself with people or animals who offer comfort can also help to lower anxiety and increase your sense of rootedness in what is. 

I hope some of these prove useful to you. Best!


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