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Daily Nutrition Questions?

Updated on June 4, 2020 in Ask A Coach
1 on June 4, 2020

Hello, I have the following questions on nutrition as I’m learning to make a major lifestyle change:

Are the following 2 healthy things safe to consume daily?

  • 1) Blueberries (1/2-1 cup)
  • 2) BrainMD’s protein powder (one scoop regardless whether I workout or not)
  • 3) what do you think about Myo Inositol for a 28 year old female (no PCOS – acne due to stress & inflammatory foods)? What are its benefits in general and specifically for moderate acne?
  • 4) can eggs cause acne?  I love to bake healthy recipes using eggs but find I breakout more when I eat them even though I do gluten free and sweeten with brain warrior’s approved sweeteners.
  • 5) Totally off-topic and not sure if you have an answer but I’ve been doing laser hair removal & electrolysis treatments for unwanted body hair. Has there been any concerns on safety?

Thank you so much for your responses Coach Zoe 🙂 You cannot imagine how helpful they have been.

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0 on June 4, 2020

Hi Sandra-

Sure thing!

1/2) Blueberries and Omni protein powder are certainly fine to have regularly unless you have a sensitivity or allergy to either of them, of course. I generally encourage variety in food choices so we can cast a wider net to obtain the specific phytonutrient/mineral/vitamin benefit of various foods, but both of these are low-risk of being an allergy or sensitivity, and are highly beneficial foods so most of us would benefit from regular consumption.

3) Myoinositol has some research showing its efficacy for moderate acne in combination with other nutrients. Any single nutrient’s effectiveness should be analyzed in the context of the diet and lifestyle in which it is taken. For example, low-glycemic diets have been correlated with a reduction in acne, and may naturally include inositol-rich foods such as almonds, broccoli, fish, and strawberries. A diet rich in processed foods and void of essential whole foods would be hard to counter with a single nutrient.

4) Egg allergy or sensitivity is very common and can cause all kinds of reactions if you are sensitive to them. Food sensitivities can manifest in symptoms of skin reactions, headaches, mood changes, joint pain, brain fog, fatigue, etc. It’s best to ‘test’ this out for yourself by removing them completely for 3 weeks to see if you notice skin improvements. After this ‘washout’ period, try having two servings of them one day (ie: eggs for breakfast, eggs with dinner). Then wait 2 more days (without adding any more eggs) to see if there is any notable reaction (sensitivities are commonly delayed reactions). If no reaction, you are probably fine to consume them in rotation with other proteins. If you notice a skin flare-up, or other symptoms, you should probably remove them for several months before testing them again. In that time you can work with a functional nutritionist or integrative physician on gut integrity, which may allow reintroduction (in moderation) without symptoms. Keep in mind that if you commonly eat eggs in combination with other specific foods, you should ‘test’ each one separately to find out what the true culprit is. 

5) I don’t know much about electrolysis, but the research I’ve seen appears to show that it is relatively safe in several forms: . I would talk to your dermatologist or general practitioner about what’s best for you as an individual.



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