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1 on October 2, 2018

My wife is using CBD oil which dramtially lowers her hot flashes and increases her ability to sleep at night.  I’ve tried it a few times as asleeping aid on top of my “usual”  concoction of 

  • 1000 mg tryptophan
  • magnesium
  • manganes

My resutls:

  • I sleep more deeply
  • I feel a little spacey for the first half of the day (kind of like post smoking pot, from what i remember 30+ years ago)
  • My normal aging athlete aches and pains are reduced so much that I’m not taking my usual Tylenol Arthritis strength pain med.

My brain is Type 8.  This also settles down my ADD a little bit, bit i also feel a little complacent.

Please advise.

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0 on October 3, 2018

There is growing research on CBD oil use, and it seems you are seeing quite a mix of benefit and detriment with use. I love that using the oil has reduced your use of acetaminophen, which has health risks with chronic consumption, but I don’t like hearing you are “spacey” for the first half of the day (that’s a long time!).

I would suggest talking with a functional medicine physician to get a clearer picture of your whole health, and how to balance all that you are doing so that you don’t end up with as much of the negative consequences of complacency and spaciness, which may mean modifying the dose, or using a different nutraceutical altogether. And as always, supplements are meant to support foundations of whole foods nutrition, regular exercise (and the right balance of exercises: cardio, strength, stretching, and balance), hydration, stress management, and the like, which all influence things such as sleep and muscle pain as well. How do you feel like you are doing with these major areas of self-care?



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