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can Anxiety or low/non-optimal T4 levels be the cause of my acne?

Updated on May 22, 2020 in Ask A Coach
3 on May 21, 2020

Hello, I struggle with adult acne (moderate) & have had anxiety since 21. The odd thing is I never really had acne as a teenager.

One thing to note is I did a full thyroid exam & TSH/T3 were good, but T4 although within normal range was too low at (0.9).  Of course my doctor believes it’s all good since my levels are within normal range.

My question is can my acne be cause by the low T4 levels or anxiety? Can they all be interrelated? 

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2 on May 22, 2020

Thanks for your question, Sandra, and yes, these could all be related. The similarities between sub-optimal T4 levels, acne, and anxiety are that they can each be caused by stress/trauma, environmental toxicants (heavy metals and other pollutants), certain medications, inflammation, suboptimal detoxification pathways (liver, kidney, large intestine primarily), or a combination of some of these. Sub-optimal T4 levels can also be caused by certain vitamin and mineral deficiencies, which can contribute to detoxification difficulties, also leading to acne and other skin symptoms.

In the bi-directional gut-brain connection we see a direct correlation between absorption of essential nutrients and anxiety, as well as poor detoxification in the large intestine with both acne and anxiety. The body and brain are interrelated, so it’s wise of you to consider how these symptoms overlap. To explore these more specifically, consider making an appointment with one of our functional nutritionists or integrative physicians. Best! -Zoe

Thank you 🙂 I really think it’s stress for me. I just can’t seem to relax or breath deeply. I recently learned about the vagus nerve; I truly believe it’s my issue. I feel like I am on edge all the time and get snappy lately. Possibly being home a lot is not working very well for me and it’s been hard placing boundaries with family since we’re home so much now.

Any recommendations?

on May 22, 2020

Regular vagus nerve stimulation through humming, loud singing, gargling, and diaphragmatic breathing can be really powerful for calming the nervous system. Be sure you are also exercising regularly, getting adequate sunlight, not spending too much time on electronics, and including GABA-promoting foods more regularly in your diet like broccoli, almonds, walnuts, lentils, bananas, beef liver, brown rice, halibut, gluten-free whole oats, oranges, and spinach. You might also consider supplemental support like Everyday Stress Relief or GABA Calming.

Additionally, take an inventory of what you need for restorative energy to tolerate the limitations of being at home such as reading, music, regular virtual gatherings with friends, creative activities like drawing, writing, etc., and/or learning something new like a language. When we fill our cup with things that energize and restore us, our stress tolerance for those things that are out of our control greatly increases.

Hope these help!

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