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4 on October 25, 2019

Is there a Better Together Facebook private group for those who have paid for the course?
If there isn’t one I really would appreciate having a FB group I could connect to. I’m having a hard time feeling connected here. It seems like lots of comments are made but most of them seem like they were from a year or two ago.
I also don’t see a lot of people commenting/connecting. Most responses to comments seem to come from the coaches, which is nice.
I thought the point of Better Together was to have a community support group.
Is there a chance that a FB group could be created? Is it just me, or would others feel more support and connection on a social media group?

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0 on October 31, 2019

Hi vitalistagirl! I just joined here a little while ago and I’d like myself it if there was a Brainfitlife Facebook group too (although I don’t really like FB). I’m very poor and cannot pay the eventual $100 it will cost me to remain here, so a FB group would be great. It’s discouraging to hear that not many people share here. I have a strong feeling it’s because of the $99 membership fee. I feel the valuable services and advice offered here through Amen Clinics should be free because then many, many more people would be able to be helped– and, of course, this would mean thousands MORE lives would be saved! 

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2 on October 31, 2019

Perhaps YOU could create one on FB yourself, Vitalistagirl! I’ve created groups on FB myself, although nothing concerning Dr. Amen’s advice. Have you done a search on FB for such a group? Perhaps do a search under “Dr. Daniel Amen” or even “Change your brain change your life,” for example? Give it a shot!

on November 5, 2019

I think I have tried searching for a FB group. But I’ll try again.

on November 24, 2019

Yeah, give it a shot- or create one yourself if you are able to and/or have the time.

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