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Almost turned into a head of lettuce.

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4 on August 1, 2016

I have eaten salads for years. Sick, sick, of them. Every time my family went out to ear my son would say “I wonder what she’s going to order? Salad?” I wanted to keep my weight don becsypuse every time I cheated I wold gain 2 or 3 lbs. That’s scary for someone that’s been very overweight. Well now since I’ve been listening to Tana the choice many times isn’t salad. Last week I ordered a natural burger from Carl’s Jr. Wrapped n lettuce. I was so hungry that I ate French fries too. Well this week I said to myself If I’m hungry after my lettuce wrap I will go get something else , but not French fries. I ended up getting beans and guacamole. At least it’s a better choice then French fries or iced coffee with sugar in it. Boston Maket is near my mom. I could always order chicken or turkey with vegetables. I just thought of a inexpensive Chinese place by my mom where I could order salmon and vegetables. I’ve started thinking beyond salads thanks to Tana. By the way. My gut hurt when Tana sad she always looks around when she walks. This world is a scary place.

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3 on August 1, 2016

Good for you for making the best decisions you can when eating out! The hardest variable to control when eating out is the sauces. Opt for them on the side or ask for the ingredients. Many are full of sugar, corn syrup, or additives like MSG that wreak havoc on our bodies and our brains. Great to hear of your efforts to think beyond the salad!

on August 1, 2016

I’ll remember that about the sauces. Thanks

on November 24, 2019

Yep. We are constantly being bombarded by the temptation of eating food is that poison to our brains and thus to our bodies. I told my counselor about how all the junk such as salt, fat and sugar that is at McDonald’s and other places accumulates in our bodies over time, slowly killing us. Know what I told my counselor about eating such foods? “It’s EATING DEATH,” I said. That’s what I tell people now. Eating these types of foods is eating death itself, because ultimately, that’s what it leads to. We are all going to die. That is a promise. But hey– why rush the process by eating death, bringing it on sooner than needed, right?!

on November 26, 2019

So perhaps the reverse (whole-foods) we can describe as “eating life!” I like it! 🙂



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