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Updated on July 14, 2018 in ADD Support
1 on April 19, 2018

I know that always thinking the worst and continuous looping thoughts are some of the symptoms of ADD. I have these. But I also have something else. I seem to have the need to rehearse in my mind what I am going to say to someone. For example; I go over and over in my mind how I am going to explain to my Chiropractor my current problems, or to tell a friend about something, share with my wife a concern.
What’s going on here? Why might I need to do this? Is it a known symptom of ADD? Most importantly what can I do about it. I am catching myself and trying to stop it. Thanks for and info you can give.
I really appreciate this Forum program. It’s so helpful in covering things that are not addressed in Dr. Amen’s books.

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I have ADD since a child, I am not a doctor, therapist, just my experience with this, regarding your thinking the worst, please see in YOUTUBE  THE SECRET it will help you thinking positive, not just one, at least 4 times, twice per month , each time you will see new information you did not saw last time.  See information of Doctor AMEN in kill the ANTS   ANTI SOMETHING  thoughts.  think positive. You walk, you see, you think, you can work with this ADD.   Take out the bad thoughts from you brain, do not accept them, think positive.

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