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Hello, what do the Amen Clinic’s functional nutritionists think about the following:
1) do you recommend any Brands of collagen or bone broth supplements in capsule forms?
2) what do you think about the following?
a) organic corn and organic popcorn as occasional snacks
b) “instant” organic decaf coffee
c) occasional use of grass fed milk or half & half

Thank you so much in advance 🙂

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1 on May 29, 2020
  1. Vital Proteins or Ancient Nutrition are good powder collagen versions, and I haven’t used much collagen capsules, but YouTheory and TruNature Health both rate high in efficacy and honesty in branding.
  2. *Corn is a common allergenic food, but if is well-tolerated, organic, non-GMO corn can be eaten on occasion in the context of a healthy, whole-foods diet
  3. Instant coffee that is organic and non-chemically processed is probably okay, just look out for other ingredients like sugar, or additives. The nutritional value of fresh beans versus freeze-dried is not fully understood and seems to have conflicting evidence in research. Some say it retains more of the beneficial antioxidants, and some say less…
  4. If there are no sensitivities or allergies to lactose or casein, use of organic, grass-finished milk/cream is okay on occasion but only within the context of a whole foods diet.

*With all foods that can bring about a food sensitivity reaction (IgG or IgA) (corn, gluten, sugar, dairy, soy, eggs, among others), the best thing we can do if we want to consume them at all is to have them on occasion only, so the likelihood of building up a sensitivity based on over-consumption is greatly minimized. With foods to which we have an allergic reaction (IgE reaction) we have to be more conscientious about avoiding them completely.

Thank you so much. This makes perfect sense to me 😊

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Great! Glad to hear!

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