Better Together

bonitabree joined March 30, 2016

There is the saying, you know it as well as I do…..”When you know better, you do better”…anyway,
I can actually say, that ALL my investigations over the last 45 yrs: self help books, spiritual books, listening to many many scientists like Bruce Lipton,Ted Williams, inner peace specialists like Hayes and Chopra …buying Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s “3-steps to incredible health” … and discarding methods I simply couldn’t live with…like AA….has finally brought me to the clearest path …which is Daniel Amen…whom …if i could give you a visual, is like the icing on the cake! While i have a library full of “solutions” to this problem or that thought, I didn’t know how to make any of them stick together enough to form a calm peaceful life for myself.
Back in 1971 when I moved to Harvard Square, it was like moving to an entirely new Universe.
By understanding how the brain actually functions….why I feel the way I do, how I react under different environments…and having solutions…thru food and/or med’s… balance my entire “being”, wellllllll…..that to me is the icing….which….plasters the cake together. So….while you might see me act one way, think another way, have ups and downs, and call it the dichotomy…of Bree…I call it…hopeful universal exploration!…..and to be honest…I think I just landed…on the top of the cake!

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